Finxone for Trusts and Custodial Organisations

Finxone for Trusts and Custodial Organisations

As trust operators strive to provide a seamless customer experience and advanced financial technology solutions to high net worth individuals, family offices, and trusts, Finxone is positioning itself as a top choice. Finxone offers features such as spend management, automatic account creation, beneficiary workflow, and financial separation and integrity, which are commonly listed as essential by modern trust operators.

Finxone is designed to integrate quickly with modern trust, family office, and custodial practices, eliminating the need for back-office operations and complicated spreadsheets. It enables operators to create card and bank accounts with spending and beneficiary asset-based account controls instantly for various trust and beneficiary scenarios.

With Finxone, trust operators can easily disburse, distribute, supervise, and approve beneficiary spending, and create accounts on the fly for asset purchases, escrow, and estate scenarios. The account behaviour is customisable, giving modern trust operators unprecedented flexibility, supervision, and approvals beyond what is available with legacy bank accounts.

Trustee and beneficiary accounts created using Finxone are licensed and regulated operators within the UK and Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA), offering full access to card, virtual card, debit order, and IBAN availability. Some of the key features of Finxone include branded cards, onboarding, bank accounts with sort codes, IBANs and account numbers, approvals, deal accounts, and transparent escrow.

By using Finxone, trust operators can provide cards and accounts with IBAN, full access linked to their brand, and get paid through interchange sharing. Finxone allows operators to provision and automatically manage their trustees, beneficiaries, and accounts, with workflow and spend control alerts, and the ability to link processes to Fintech.

Finxone Features

Branded Cards: Design your own branded bank cards either digital or physical

Onboarding: Include industry KYC (Know Your Customer), end user onboarding and compliance built in

Bank Accounts: Real bank accounts, with sort codes, IBANs and account numbers

Approvals: Manage rules on account spend, and workflow for approval requests

Deal Accounts: Make on the fly shared access accounts for deals, asset purchases, escrow, etc

Transparent Escrow: Let stakeholders see account status for crystal transparency

The Benefits

  • Provide cards, account with IBAN, and full access linked to your brand
  • Interchange sharing with you – get paid to use Finxone
  • Your specific business case built with you
  • Provision, and automatically manage your trustees, beneficiaries, and accounts yourself
  • Workflow and spend control & alerts
  • Link your processes to Fintech