Nocode Fintech Live in days

Finxone is the platform that lets anyone build or embed beautiful fintech app experiences for mobile and web. Our app-intelligence engine builds applications for you so you don’t need big teams and costs to get you live.

Make Apps Visually. Nocode

“…our visual App-Intelligence engine codes and writes applications for you and integrates them into the best providers in Fintech automatically”

Generative Code

Our App-Intelligence engine builds your application to multiple devices fully automatically.


Build fast, start with a template, customise it, and launch. Use ours, or build your own.


We pre-connect all components for you to leading Fintech partners so you drag and drop straight into real rails, or use your own.

Total Platform

You get an entire platform, not just an app. All of the features you need pre-assembled for you, so you can focus on your big idea.


Our visual widgets consume some of the best aggregator and fintech around. Don’t build a big app around APIs, get App-Intelligence.

Widget Driven

Our widgets are our superpower. Just drag the ones you want, to the roles and the feature pages you want them. Thats it, done.

Fintech open to everyone

“..the world needs innovation more than ever. We exist to bring that to everyone, without the typical cost”


Spend your resources on the innovation that matters, stop building undifferentiated features. Get to market before someone else executes your idea.


There is no advantage in spending money on big teams. Build your brand vision faster, yourself, without waiting for availability or priority.

Fintech Players

Expand in your space, move faster, and use modern app-intelligent coding to scale. Put generative app-intelligent fintech to work for you.

Future Proofers

 By 2028 Gartner expects 75% of all applications to be built without code and big teams. Get there now.

Amazing Experiences

“…generative app coding now empowers anyone to build what only a big team could before”


Onboard anyone through any channel and role. Ask questions,  do compliance checks. Anything from a license plate, to a company director, passports and everything in between.

Self Service

Self service through exposing APIs and data in your systems, or managing them all on us. We’ve built widgets automatically for the things you care about.

Payments and Banking

Balances, payments, debit orders, accounts, and management. With user related widgets that allow you to give different roles different experiences.

Lending and Decisions

The advanced workflow editor, and the data widgets can work together to provide very complex workflow scenarios you can use to provide complex decisions.


All app-intelligence zones and roles can have workflow embedded, giving you precise control of integrated multi-data and user input decisions.

Cards and Issuance

Interfaces for the common functions around balance, statements, freezing/suspending, as well as virtual card and accounts.

Made by App-Intelligence

App-Intelligence means we translate your intent to compliance, rules, code, and process. Its not magic, its science, but its a fine line…”

Builds itself

No teams, no developers. The app-intelligence engine builds all your apps, portals, platforms, and launches them for you.

Edit At Will

Build what you need, when you need, how you need it. Visual tools, make for powerful experiences. No need to pay anyone to update your app.

Update Anytime

Build apps faster than you ever thought possible. Change whenever you like, iOS, Android, Web and amazing integrations.

Not just apps

We couldn’t just give you an editor, thats not powerful enough. We give you an entire platform and data that powers its. Use what you like.

Secured by Us

We update the platform code base, backend API security, and monitor transaction and platform integrity as a service for you.

Try and Share

Build apps in your sandbox, and issue to a limited number of users to check out your ideas. No more clickables, real code, that really works.

Powered by Industry APIs

“…connecting apps and platforms to licensed execution is the magic that allows you to shine”


Licensed functions, are always routed to regulated providers. You can use our managed service, or apply on your own and manage your upstream connections yourself.

Partner Centric

Fintech is a team sport. Where innovation is done by specialist providers. We connect to the best and most advanced partners, and give you choice in their use.

Nocode. Two Options

Frontend as a Service

Build apps faster than you ever thought possible. Change whenever you like, iOS, Android, Web and amazing integrations

Fintech as a Service

End to end managed project, from design, to regulation, to live on licensed providers, at fractional pricing