Business Solutions

“There is no advantage in spending money on big teams. Build your brand vision faster, yourself, without waiting for availability or priority.”

Business Solutions

Fintech Power

branded Cards

Your own brand on cards, accounts, and apps that power them


KYC, customer onboarding, and compliance built in to an easy to use platform

Your Data

We can connect Finxone to your data or systems to auto provision an experience

Bank Accounts

Real bank accounts, with sort codes, IBANs and account numbers


Fintech Products, Cards, and Wallets

Bypass long queues in main BaaS providers or high thresholds for approvals and/or volumes

Automatic compliance to all scenarios, delivered by licensed financial providers

Reduced Cost and Complexity Risk

Simple transparent fee structure with low startup costs, and low overheads

A single billing and technology relationship that encompasses all

Focus on the Differentiating Factors

Easy-to-use  templates , with the right widgets, onboarding and compliance journeys

Finxone makes it easy to focus on your core application

Project Scope

1 – 2 Months



Project Scope

6-9 Months