Flexible Onboarding

“Finxone’s Unique App Grid allows you to structure how you onboard your users giving you the flexibility add your users from the back office or offer self origination.”

Flexible Onboarding

Add your Users via back office

Add your users yourself from our integrated back office zones giving you full control over who your users are. Next invite them to login with built in invitation emails

manage your users

Add, View, Edit or Delete your user information from the inbuilt back office zones

Offer Self onboarding for users

Easily give some User Roles a Self Onboarding zone to save you time and effort adding users to the application

Specialist onboarding

Does your application require an membership to a specific organisation? As long as they have an active API you can prevent non members from onboarding with specialist onboarding fields

Stagger onboarding

Allow Users to register on your application with minimal info and fully onboard or KYC them at a later date

Onboarding by Role

Need to capture different information from different users on your application? No problem, they can be offered differentiated onboarding flow linked to their role

Collect User info that YOU want

Want to know a users favourite colour or which political party they back? Why not ask them while they onboard to your application?

Set Age Limits for Users

Do your users need to be over a certain age? Make sure you are collecting date of birth information and not allowing those too young [Or too Old!!]

Do it Yourself

Our widgets can see each other, and you can use their data in your self built application flow. You don’t need developers to code complex integrations, its already done for you