Self Service

“Finxone is a comprehensive and intuitive platform that enables customers to turn their fintech dreams into reality, providing a suite of powerful tools and resources for every stage of the development process, including a drag-and-drop interface, templates and pre-built components, role-based access control, subscription management, app store publishing, and comprehensive documentation and developer support.”

Self Service

Finxone provides various self-service functions that allow customers to effortlessly create their own fintech ventures. These features include tools for customising the user interface, developing new financial products and services, and integrating with third-party systems. Customers can use these functions to design bespoke and personalised financial products that cater to the specific requirements of their businesses or clients. Moreover, Finxone’s self-service functions provide a seamless user experience, enabling customers to navigate the platform easily and access the tools they need to bring their fintech concepts to fruition. In conclusion, Finxone’s self-service functions empower customers to take charge of their fintech projects and attain their business objectives.


Finxone’s templates are an excellent starting point for customers who wish to design and develop their fintech projects. These templates offer pre-designed structures and layouts for various financial products and services such as payment gateways, money transfers and investment platforms.

Customers can choose a template that suits their business needs and customise it to their liking by adding or removing functionalities, changing design elements and adapting the user interface to match their brand’s identity. This process saves customers time and effort in designing their fintech solutions as they have a ready-made framework that they can modify to meet their specific needs.

Using Finxone’s templates ensures a consistent user experience, which can help customers build trust and loyalty with their users. This can ultimately lead to business growth.

Self-Service Publishing

Finxone allows customers to publish their completed fintech apps to popular app stores with ease. Customers can use Finxone’s publishing feature to package their app and submit it to app stores such as Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store.

Finxone offers a streamlined publishing process, with tools and resources to help customers navigate the complex app submission requirements of each app store. The platform also provides support for app store optimisation, including the ability to customise app descriptions and screenshots to attract users and improve visibility in search results.

Additionally, Finxone allows customers to monitor the performance of their app in real-time, providing access to data on user engagement and retention. This data enables customers to make informed decisions about app updates and improvements to enhance the user experience.

Dealing with Subscriptions

Finxone provides a user-friendly grid interface for managing subscriptions, memberships, and roles in a fintech project. The interface makes it easy to customise each role’s access to functionality using a drag and drop feature. For instance, a customer service role may only require access to certain functions, while an administrator role may need more advanced features, such as managing user roles and accessing financial reports.

Additionally, the grid interface allows for simple creation and management of subscription plans and membership levels. Customers can set pricing, features, and restrictions for each plan and manage recurring payments, including automatic renewals and reminders.

An Integrated Platform

In summary, Finxone offers a complete and intuitive platform that allows customers to build their fintech applications from start to finish, with tools and resources for every stage of the development process. It is a powerful solution for turning fintech dreams into reality, and offers excellent documentation and support for those who need it.