Customer Solutions

Lets take a look how we can get you started in building your first Fintech application.

Customer Solutions

Lets take a look how we can get you started in building your first Fintech application.


Your free Fintech Platform

We give you a free Fintech core platform with users, data, and ready to go applications

Everything is real, and works. No Figma, no clickable fakes, just real apps you can try

Add Fintech and Payments

Add fintech capabilities and payments to existing products and services

Add fintech likes expenses, insurance, cards, payments to internal processes.


API Providers and Innovation

Use market APIs without needing to integrate them to your platform.

Use industry KYC, KYB, Credit, Lending, AML, and lots of other partners

Trusts and Custodial

Bank Accounts on the Fly

Separate your custodial accounts. Open an account on the fly per per client or matter.

Accounts per transaction, deal, family, member etc. All with automatic opening

Consensus Account and Escrow

Build distributed approval workflows  to release funds. 

Your customers can vote on, or approve funds and movement with full audit, and approvals

Cards and Spending You Control

Curated family office offerings including cards, and approvals

Payments workflows and approvals that digitise manual processes


Easy Programmable Onboarding

Drag and drop rules, and checks to onboard each role just how you need it.

Use third party checks, and verification for onboarding any object (users, vehicles, properties, anything you can think of)

All in one Platform and Sandbox

Finxone gives you its Fintech core license free. You just need a sandbox to run it. Use our core to quickly drag and drop your app into production

Get to market faster, spend less on tech and more on acquiring cutomers.

Pre-Integrated No-code APIs

We do all of the integrations, testing and enforcement of compliance rules. You just need to focus on your idea.

Get an MVP in hours and not months


Small Scale Community Programs

Build a financial, account, payments, and workflow app for your community with your own brand.

For far less than you could imagine, you can add closed loop programs for just your group

Collect Dues and Subscriptions

Receive fees, dues, subscriptions, and donate while you spend options

Gamify Donation and Fundraising

Account Sharing and Transparency

Share with your community account balances, spending, and other account transparency for main accounts to ensure transparency

Allow communities and donors to vote on expenditure requests