Solutions for Communities & Faith

“There is no advantage in spending money on big teams. Build your brand vision faster, yourself, without waiting for availability or priority.”

Solutions for Communities & Faith

Multicultural community of young people smiling together at camera

Typical Project


1-2 Months


With us



6-9 Months


By yourself


Your own community branded card or wallet on your own app

Receive fees, dues, subscriptions, and donate while you spend options

No tech team, or developers needed

Share with your community account balances, spending, and other transparency for main accounts

Donation, and fundaising gamification.

Add own bank card to community apps

Fintech Power

Branded Cards

Your own brand on cards, accounts, and apps that power them


KYC, customer onboarding, and compliance built in


Donate while you spend, with custom rounding and user daily microdonations

Bank Accounts

Real bank accounts, with sort codes, IBANs and account numbers


Manage donations, giving, tithes, and contributions

Visible Accounts

Let donors see what you're spending on for crystal transparency

Bring Fintech To Your Community

Charities, schools, churches, clubs, and many other communities have frequently dreamed of being able to offer their own members benefits, services, and financial tools. The cost, complexity, and regulation have made this the realm of very large well funded organisations. 

Finxone transforms this by allowing easy to use, easy to brand programs that take the specific needs of the not-for-profit, and private members communities into account.

Our easy templates mean that you pick the type of service you want to provide your community, customise your look and feel, and get your app ready. We can then take you through the onboarding process to ensure your organisation gets live and is ready to go.

We can help provide:

Spend and Give – take a small tax every time your community uses the card

Donate and Crowdfund, debit orders, fees, dues and subscriptions to your community, in app and in card.

Visible accounts that all members can monitor spend on. 

Much more