Finxone Thoughts


Author: Great Holdings

Paul Birch

Seasoned Fintech investor and entrepreneur who backs and coaches high potential founding teams. Paul has been the anchor investor at Finxone and is our Chairman

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Frederico Baumhardt

Globally experienced Area Lead level big tech executive with a successful track record of incubating and growing businesses for Microsoft and private investors

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Amanda Mocellin

World class operational leader with CEO experience in 250 person startups and leadership roles at Cisco, Dell Technologies, and Microsoft

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Our Architecture

Finxone uses a unique architecture that is multi-market, use case, and regionally aware. This article talks about how we’ve built Finxone and the main components in the platform.

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Our Beta Program

Beta program customers get very high customer care almost as a normal enterprise services project. We assign project teams, success managers, product managers and dedicated developers to every Beta customer. We still subsidise the cost though, as the objective is to build you the widgets you need to go live. 

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About Widgets

Widgets are “mini-apps” that you drag and drop onto your page canvas that do a particular thing. Examples include card balance widgets, make a payment widgets, account balance chart widgets, spending, statements etc.

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Platform Basics

Our platform consists of a private data environment for every customer sandbox, and live instance. This is run in Microsoft Azure in the tenant closest to the regulatory area.

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Card Issuing

Once you have built your application issuing a card to a user or even allowing them to request one themselves is just a few clicks away

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Teams and Cost

We’ve worked hard to master Fintech detail so you can focus on the idea. This article shares some basics about the cost, team size, and project mechanics of a Finxone deployment.

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