Meet the people behind Finxone

The dynamic team behind Finxone consists of fintech and serial entrepreneurs, as well as corporate heavyweights, bringing a wealth of diverse experience to the table

Leadership Team

Frederico Baumhardt

Technology visionary, thought leader and founder with strong corporate background. Santander, Microsoft, VMWare

Amanda Mocellin

World class c-suite executive with 20 years of experience in major corporate and growth stage. Cisco, Microsoft, Dell EMC

Paul Birch

Serial founder and fintech investor, bringing immense fintech experience. Bebo, Sonovate, Onbord, Crunch, Unbound

Steve Mugridge
Head of Finance and Legal

Global delivery capabilities as CEO, COO, engagement, application and service director.
Accenture, Onalytica, Modality

Kat Dale
Head of Delivery/ Compliance Officer

Experienced bid and stakeholder manager, leader of virtual teams.Telespazio, SchlumbergerSema, LHS Telekommunikation

Craig Jones

Experienced CTO & Enterprise Architect of large & complex technology environments in fintech. Unisys, Global Micro, ISB Global

Alex Dale
Head of Product

Advanced mission experience including ExoMars Rover. Brings technical sales and systems skills. ESA, Airbus, ClubCloud, HP

Maribel Montero
Investor Relations

15 years experience in Investment analysis, asset allocation, business strategy & sdvisory. Goldman Sachs, UBS, Various FO

James Ronayne
Head of Engineering

Exceptional development director with a track record of delivering quality financial software. BART, Coadjute, OpenCast

Industry recognition

Finxone, has been gaining recognition for its innovative and breakthrough technology. In today’s ever-evolving market, it’s crucial for companies to adapt to the changes quickly, and Finxone has been successful in doing so by staying ahead of the curve.

Recently, Finxone’s technological advancements have been acknowledged by two leading global publications. This recognition not only showcases the company’s commitment to staying ahead in the market, but also highlights its ability to meet the evolving needs of its clients.

Finxone’s dynamism in the market is also worth mentioning. By keeping a pulse on industry trends and anticipating the needs of its clients, the company has positioned itself as a leader in its field. Its innovative solutions have set it apart from its competitors, and it continues to strive for excellence by constantly improving its offerings.