Finxone for Businesses

Finxone for Businesses

96% of European businesses want some type of fintech solution. We’ve designed Finxone to allow businesses to add financial, fiduciary, account, payments, and wallets quickly and simply, and launch financial solutions under their own brands.

With no-code or developer teams, you can get your application built, designed, and launched and bring your brand financial products and services and optionally integrate them to your other services or solutions.

We provide easy-to-use-and-understand templates of sample application types, with the right widgets, onboarding and compliance journeys that make it easy for you to start your brand’s journey to being a Fintech.

Skip the queue and bypass the long approval integration processes as we can help you get live, and issue your cards, programs, accounts, wallets, and other fintech products. All with no-code and drag-and-publish functionality that doesn’t need developer teams and is fully compliant.

Finxone Features

Branded Cards: Design your own branded bank cards either digital or physical

Onboarding: Include industry KYC (Know Your Customer), end user onboarding and compliance built in

Bank Accounts: Real bank accounts, with sort codes, IBANs and account numbers

Your Data: We can connect Finxone to your data or systems to auto provision an experience

The Benefits

  • You can add your own Fintech products, cards, wallets and branded solutions
  • Finxone is a no-code app builder, so you don’t need specialist development teams
  • Finxone will automatically ensure all scenarios meet compliance requirements
  • Our Fintech solutions back onto licenced financial providers
  • Finxone runs a simple, transparent fee structure with low start-up costs
  • Bypass long queues with the main BaaS providers and start developing your app as part of our Beta program